How it Works

How Bettr. Works for you.

For Bettr. to really work for you, you need to start out with a goal in mind.

This can be as simple as "Read more books" to as complicated as "Learn a new language".

Once you have a goal in mind, you can then start to break it down into it's component parts. We call these "Targets".

You can set "complete by" dates on your targets using Bettr, and we'll send you a handy email when you're near to that date.

It really is as simple as 1,2,3.


Goal: Learn to play the Piano

This is what we'd consider one of the harder goals which you could attempt, and as such it's probably going to need to be broken down.

Targets: Learn Scales

One way we could break down how to learn to play the Piano is by first learning the scales. Don't stop until you know what a perfect fifth is!

Another way you could break your goal down, is to break it down into songs you'd like to learn to play on the Piano, ticking them off as you go.

Progress until Perfect

As you progress through your targets, you'll earn trophies which we'll display on your profile.

We'll also track the progress of your targets right there on your goal.

Your friends can leave comments on your goal, or remix it and attempt it themselves, providing you with a buddy to partner up with.

Don't worry, if you're struggling to think of a goal, the chances are that somebody else has thought of a similar goal for you.

Head on over to our Goal Suggestions page for some inspiration.