Set Targets. Smash Goals.

It's as easy as one, two, three.

Set a goal

Start by setting yourself a goal. This can be as simple as "Read a book per month", or as difficult as "Learn a new language".

Having trouble thinking of a goal? Check out our Goal Suggestions!

Set some targets

Now you've got your sights set on a goal, you need to break it down into its component parts, we call these targets.

For example, for "Read a book per month" goal, you could list the 12 books you wish to read this year as 12 separate targets.

Track your progress

Bettr allows you to set completion dates on your targets and we'll send you a friendly reminder when one of your targets is due.

This helps you to easily keep on top of those targets. Don't worry, you can also postpone a target if you've not managed to achieve it yet.

Community features which you'll love.

Unlock trophies

The more you use Bettr, the more trophies you will unlock. These trophies will be displayed in pride of place on your profile and on your public goals.

Glory hunter? Check out the full list of trophies available to be unlocked here.

Collaborate with your friends

Your friends can join in on your goals by remixing them, and taking them on themselves.

They can set their own targets, and you can share your journeys through your goals with your friends.

Bettr yourself

The more you use Bettr, the more Bettr works for you. We're all about bettering yourself, hence the name!

Curious? Find out more about Bettr by clicking here